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Oct 28, 2013 8:00pm PDT
. and next. the obama administation is grappling with fresh revelations from the n-s-a spying scandal. what dianne feinstein is now calling for. >> condoms for kids? that story coming up at 8:30 new tonight at 8-- t s a is still--the nsa this still under fire. >> we know that this has caused tensions in these relationships. these relationships are vital. >> the director of national intelligence will release more information. people testify and new tonight a senior administration says that the united states is considering ending these spy operations. the obama administation is deakubg wit more fall-out from the n-s-a spyingdianne feinstein is calling for a "total review" of all u.s. intelligence programs. a spanish newspaper says that the n-s-a collected answers - and has summoned the u-s ambassador to a meeting. the white house is not saying much.. >> "we're conducting a review. we are mindful that relationships. those relationships are vital to help keep americans safe" >> catherine: director of national intelligence james clapper says he''ll release more information soon.and he's set to t
Nov 3, 2013 8:00pm PST
skakel with a golf club. >>> they are rejected nsa leaker, snowden of clemency. no officers or offers are being discussed. snowden should return to the u.s. and face charges. snowden who has temporarily asylum in russia made the plea in a letter. and the head of the senate committee is defending the agency. diane feinstein said on cbs's face the nation, the nsa operate in the direction of other departments. agency recently faced global criticism amid claims it spied on foreign allies. >> i believe the nsa is filled with good patriotic people who want to do the right thing. they follow the orders they are given. as i understand it, these are the priority. three, the nuclear counter proliferation. four, hard targets. and now, cyber. and those are the main areas the nsa is told to do serp things and it doesn't. >> claims on spying, sparked calls for the u.s. to roll back the surveillance programs. president obama has ordered a review of the program. >>> arizona couple, to kick the principal out of school. the father of the boy, met with the head master regarding pictures of a soldier and
Oct 29, 2013 8:00pm PDT
the influence. >> catherine: the latest in a series of spying allegations. with the n-s-a accused of not only tapping the phones of millions of americans. but also the phones of top allied leaders. >> catherine: the house intelligence committee is asking questions. and talking about possible changes to the foreign intelligence surveillance act. >> catherine: last week - a german magazine reportand that e belonging to a german belonging to german chancellor angela merkle was tapped. tapped. >> ".our authorities." >> catherine: the white house is supposedly considering banning eavesdropping on friendly foreign leaders. >> catherine: it turns out that officials knew the affordable care act' was 'not' ready for prime-time. or anytime for that matter. people who worked on the website had warned the white house there were problems. as joe john's reports, the warnings came a month before the program's launch-date. >> catherine: cnn has learned that the obama administration was warned in september that the obamacare website wasn't ready to go live. in this report for the previous month transmitted t
Oct 27, 2013 8:00pm PDT
. rethink possible. >> there were massive protests over the n-s-a surveillance program in our nations capitol yesterday. but it seems that is just the beginning of a movement's attempt to learn more details about what information the government is collecting. our tech reporter gabe slate tells us about this movement and the big name celebrities who are backing it. and if you'd like to connect with gabe slate. you can add him on facebook, follow him on twitter. or email - slate-at-kron4- dot-com. you can see the wind blowing. however, mostly cloudy skies and sprinkles possible. as it's making its way towards northern california occasional light showers. temperatures in the 50s and 60s here is the future guest by midnight. also clouds in place. place for paltz will be over the mount diablo range however, shores possible for nearly everywhere. hear, by noon. some spotty showers and some heavy activity near the border with snow fall! with 1 ft.! however, some clouds for the border in temperatures required to be cool. with warming later in the week. look for the high mid-50s for the early
Oct 30, 2013 8:00pm PDT
that the yahoo. the washington post reports the claim.citing documents obtained from former n-s-a contractor turned leaker.edward snowden. >> catherine: the post says millions of records are sent each day from yahoo and google to the agency's maryland headquarters. >> catherine: the white house -- already under fire for spying accusations -- is notalso today, european lawmakers continued to push for answers on the u-s spying program.. "friend on friend spying is not something that is easily tolerable if it doesn't have a clear purpose and if it happens there needs to be some kind of justification." >> catherine: the white house is now supposedly reviewing intelligence gathering. >> jacqueline: temperatures are dropping in the 40's for most of the bay area and '30's for places like napa and sent to road salt. santa rosa. >> jacqueline: we will see a lot of 70 degree readings for the north bay and inland valleys. it will stay pretty nice portrait protruding but we will get to that in just a moment. we will see warmer weather on friday but cooler conditions for the week end. it will be mild for
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5